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Cryolipolysis technology


According to media reports, Laser Lipolysis surgery is to use the heat generated by lasers to dissolve fat cells, this treatment has become common nowadays. Interestingly, the " frozen weight loss surgery ," appeared in the USA, do the opposite, it implement the " frozen " punishment until the stubborn fat is " freezing to death ."

This weight loss surgery from the U.S. adopted innovative machine called "Zeltiq", " Cryolipolysis technique means to freeze and eventually break down fat cells by cooling. Zeltiq developed by Harvard University and the Massachusetts General Hospital researchers, and put into use since one year ago and has been shown to be achieved amajor victory in the battle to lose weight.

Some experts declare this non -invasive weight loss surgery known as a revolutionary new weight loss concept . New York dermatologist , Dr. David Goldberg • Gul , said: "Over the years , we have been dissolved fat by heating way. Now appears as opposite approach seems more effective than other non -invasive ways . " Zeltiq treatment test results show that a treatment area can be a maximum of 25 % fat destroyed.


Gul Lundberg explained that Cryolipolysis procedure gradually absorbed subcutaneous fat calories. The temperature of fat cells is reduced to zero degrees Fahrenheit , which is to freeze them . Low in fat cells while killing will not affect the skin or muscles. The dead fat cells are then excreted by the liver.

For those who has" stubborn " fat, Cryolipolysis technique is undoubtedly a godsend . The buttocks fat above the waist on both sides relaxation, belly and back fat, Cryolipolysis can produce stunned effect. Unfortunately , the effect on circumference and the bottom of the larger area of fat accumulation effect is not obvious, but the development staff that they are developing an applicator against these areas.

Some impatient people are disappointed , Zeltiq weight loss is not immediately apparent , the death of the fat cells need two to three months time to be excreted through the urine , then the weight loss effect to become apparent . Scott from West London were the first British attempt Zeltiq. She said: "I exercise regularly and also pay attention on diet, but belly fat is not cut down. This therapy seems to  be ideal for me ."

Scott said: " This treatment process was rather lengthy . An inhalation device was placed on belly fat. Machine opens, where fat is sucked gently between the cooling plate and my skin gradually cooled and eventually numb I heard that this process will slowly sucked fat energy , causing them to freeze , crystallized and eventually die . Though feel uncomfortable, but not painful. After this, my stomach hurt a few hours and no consciousness. Then I suffered painful around a week , but that pain is bearable . " she said:" Unfortunately, I cannot see immediately weight loss, but a month later, I was surprised to find that belly fat is gone and I even saw again his abdominal muscles. If the next few month the fat can continue disappear, it will be really wonderful. "


While some doctors recommend this, claiming Cryolipolysis technique is superior to RF and ultrasonic technology, but others have warned. London Plastic Surgery Center Nashville plastic surgeon Dr. Roberto has pointed out: " Generally speaking, this approach seems very interesting , but also very safe , but the problem is that all of the fat destroyed can be excreted?  If there is massive fat destructed, liver burden is too heavy, so I do not recommend people who have liver problems using this therapy . "

Anyway, about Zeltiq publicity has passed into British ear, wait for the person using this weight loss therapy is also increasing. London Beyond MediSpa 's Spa Joanne • Saatchi also responsible to provide this therapy. She said : "Zeltiq has no known side effects , in the United States by storm as no surprise and we believe that this therapy can both men in the UK are very popular among women ."

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