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The main purpose of cooling epidermis:

Protect the epidermis

We know that, when the epidermal melanin absorbs light energy accumulated to a certain amount, the skin might produce blisters, crusting, or pigmentation. In order to avoid the occurrence of these phenomena, we must cool the epidermis. Make high energy density to reach the target tissue without damage to the epidermis

For example, in the long-pulsed 1064 hair removal, we use the sapphire contact cooling of 3 degree to cool epidermis and to reduce pain.

Reduce pain

We all know that the nerve endings sensitive state is about 36.8 ° C at normal body temperature, the greater the difference between the temperature and the temperature of outside or internal causes the nerve endings feel more dull. The epidermal cooling can bring the cold anesthetic effect, it could reduce pain.

Skin cooling methods

contact cooling method

The general use of sapphire as window cooling, pre-sapphire cooled to 4 ° C or lower. refrigerant spray cooling method (DCD)

The cooling efficiency is two times the contact cooling method, the use of refrigerant tetrafluoroethylene injection a 80-100ms will not cause skin frostbite, a continuous jet erosion-prone post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation on the skin. DCD method of synchronization is essential, otherwise it will lead to serious consequences.


It can be placed in plastic bags, placed on the skin a few minutes before the treatment.  Ice can be used for cooling a large area. If left long enough, it has still analgesic effect.

the cooling gel (cold gel)

Like its construction in the swimming pool on the skin, and sucked the heat from the skin, so that the temperature drop, while the cold gel optical energy attenuation, cold gel is both light and heat benign conductive agent, but the need to repeatedly replace too much trouble to the operator.



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